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Mirai Botnet Is The Culprit Of Yesterday’s DynDNS Outage

The Massive DDoS attacks which shut down the DynDNS services all day yesterday were executed through the Mirai botnet. It was evident from the start that the number of devices flooding the platform’s servers went far beyond just computers. Internet of Things devices, smartphones, and other types of internet-connected machines were all part of this attack. It is rather interesting to see the Mirai botnet play a role in this …
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XiongMai Technologies Admits Their Devices Are Susceptible To Mirai Malware

More and more information about the recent DynDNS cyber attack is becoming available as the investigation continues. XIongMai Technologies, a Chinese company manufacturing surveillance video camera components, admitted that they were indirectly responsible for this attack. Their technology was used to carry out this wave of denial of service attacks, as their products are vulnerable to the Mirai botnet malware. XiongMai Technologies Admits Their Indirect Involvement Contrary to what other …
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Ongoing DDoS Attack Against DynDNS Knocks Major Services Offline

Most Internet users will have noticed that some of the world popular platforms are affected by a major DDoS attack. This includes platforms such as Twitter, GitHub, and even Reddit. The issue is caused by a denial of service attack against DNS service provider Dyn. Although the issue was seemingly resolved earlier today, the attacks continue relentlessly. For now, there is no ETA as to when services will be restored. …
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