DigixDAO Surges Amid Sea of Red

After a general upwards trend from Bitcoin following its February 6 low of US$6,000, today marks the first major downtrend from…

4 years ago

Ponzi Scheme BitConnect Plummets 90%

For naive investors who invested in BitConnect (BCC), today featured an exponentially bigger loss than the general cryptocurrency downtrend. After discontinuing…

4 years ago

Market Tumbles as Bitcoin Price Approaches US$11,000

For some investors, these past 24 hours have represented a state of panic, as cryptocurrency markets are experiencing a major…

4 years ago

Why Is Experience Points Valued at $400 Million?

Anyone who took a look at Experience Points (XP) over the summer is undoubtedly wondering how the project grew from a tiny US$350,000…

4 years ago

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