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Research Confirms Cryptojacking Remains Very Popular Among Criminals

It has been a while since cryptojacking made media headlines. This nefarious activity allows criminals to exploit website visitors’ computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies without consent. A new report by Troy Mursch suggests Coinhive’s code is active on close to 400 websites. In most cases, this code was injected by criminals, rather than by the site owners. Cryptojacking Remains a big Problem Anyone who has paid attention to developments in the cryptocurrency industry …
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Recent Drupal Exploit Is Being Used to Illegally Mine Cryptocurrencies

Cybercriminals often target known and unknown exploits found in operating systems and web architectures. Evidently, someone took advantage of a recent Drupal exploit to mine cryptocurrencies in an illegal manner. Although the exploit was patched in late March, there are still some concerns over how exactly this exploit was leveraged. A Drupal Exploit Enabled Crypto Mining As is the case with any security exploit, the people responsible for maintaining the project’s code will try to …
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