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Drivechain Team Submits Two Sidechain-Related BIPs

Scaling Bitcoin is still a very talked-about topic in the developer community. On-chain scaling isn’t the approach most people are willing to explore right now. Instead, we see initiatives such as Drivechain focus on bringing sidechain technology to Bitcoin in the future. Two new proposals have been submitted to make this change occur sooner rather than later. Will Bitcoin Ever get Sidechains? The big question is, as it has always been, how Bitcoin will scale …
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What is Drivechain?

The Bitcoin scaling debate is far from over, by the look of things. One potential way to scale Bitcoin is by using the so-called sidechains. Drivechain is a project aiming to provide sidechains to the Bitcoin ecosystem in the future. There are quite some benefits associated with this route. Now is a good time to look at what Drivechain has been working on so far. Drivechain Feels Sidechains Are The …
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