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EtherDelta Has Been Compromised Due to DNS Hijack

It would almost seem as if anything Ethereum-related is bound to face some setbacks sooner or later. More specifically, we have seen a lot of Ethereum-related platforms and ICOs suffer major problems throughout 2017. The latest company to run into big trouble is EtherDelta, even though this issue has nothing to do with the Ethereum network itself. Instead, the company’s DNS server has apparently been compromised. It is advised not to use …
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In-Browser Mining Script Provider CoinHive Suffers Major DNS Hijack

As most readers are aware, there has been a lot of discussion regarding CoinHive as of late. This particular mining script has made the rounds all over the internet in recent months. Most of the news regarding this platform hasn’t been positive whatsoever. It turns out someone has hijacked the CoinHive DNS to mine cryptocurrency through all the websites which implemented this script. CoinHive is Hijacked by Unknown Assailant In a …
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