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Honda Unveils Prototype of Humanoid Robot for Disaster Response

Robots can come in many different shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can be deployed for many different reasons, including offering relief to disaster-stricken areas. One surprising contender in this area is none other than Honda. Although the company only has a prototype right now, the machine looks pretty interesting. Honda is Building Robots as Well In a way, no one will be surprised to see Honda getting involved in the world of …
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New Edible Relief Drone Hopes to See Use Early Next Year

A UK-based drone manufacturer, Windhorse, is planning on launching “POUNCER”; a disaster relief drone than carries food inside it wings, and can be broken down for feeding a fire, or be using in building a shelter. Being that the current parachute relief aid that is being used comes out to be much cheaper, the use of POUNCER drones would illuminate the problems air drops have now; such as, high recovery …
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