Stablecoins: Is Control the Answer to Crypto Volatility?

Cryptocurrency is notorious for its volatility, but what if there were a way to remove this constant problem? While a cryptocurrency like…

4 years ago

Digix and ETHLend Announces Extensive Partnership on Decentralized Lending

Tokenization of assets. Digix was one of the first proof-of-concept on tokenizing valuable real-world assets. Tokenization means that a value…

4 years ago

5 Intriguing Ethereum ERC20 Blockchain Projects

Blockchain-based crypto-tokens can be issued on the Ethereum. There are different token types that may be deployed on Ethereum. One…

4 years ago

Bitgold Enables Gold Purchases With Ethereum

Ethereum has been on the minds of many people as of late, and it looks like the use cases for…

6 years ago

Smart Contract Crowdsales Are The Future of Raising Funds

Now that the first DAO crowdsale has been a major success, the question becomes whether or not a mind shift…

6 years ago

Digix DAO Reaches Funding Target In Under 12 Hours

Although crowdsale efforts are nothing new under the sun in the world of digital currency, it does not happen all…

6 years ago

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