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How To Set Up a Bitcoin Node for $15 With 1 Line of Code

Bitcoin nodes are an important part of the Bitcoin ecosystem, they help validate transaction and keep the network alive. While there is no direct reward for running a Bitcoin node, there are plenty of reasons why you should run your own full node. Not only will you learn more about how the Bitcoin network works, but you can benefit from increased anonymity and faster blockchain querying for a mere $5 …
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Bitcoin VPS Service Review – BitHost

BitHost is a VPS service provider that operates rather differently from most other providers. In fact, the company is an official DigitalOcean reseller, which means plans are incredibly affordable, and is operated by a company with plenty of experience in the field. But is there anything that can make BitHost stand out? The BitHost Bitcoin VPS Experience One advantage that BitHost has over most other cloud and VPS providers is how …
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