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The Future of the Nursing Home Economy

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the necessity of quality nursing home care for senior citizens. While 25% of US coronavirus deaths occurred in nursing homes, the quality of the institution caused results to vary dramatically. As of September 2020, 4-5 star nursing homes had 94% lower risk of infection than their 1 star peers. When the pandemic ends, those disparities will remain. As the population of America ages, nursing homes …
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How COVID-19 Can Be Detected and Contained Through Better Data

With COVID-19 spreading through the U.S. like wildfire with hundreds of thousands of confirmed cases and thousands of deaths across the country. Nursing homes are unfortunately some of the hardest hit places anywhere in the country. In Seattle, Washington, the Life Care Center of Kirkland was one of the first U.S. epicenters of the COVID-19 outbreak. More than two thirds of the residents have tested positive for the virus and …
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Software Powered Medicine

We know medicine as a physical thing – whether it be taking a certain drug to combat an illness to having physical therapy. But this is changing as software powered medicine is entering the spotlight – by 2025, the market for digital therapeutics is expected to reach $7.8 billion. Digital therapeutics are therapeutic interventions driven by technology and software programs. They are used to alleviate symptoms of physiological and neurobehavioral …
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