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The first new decentralized fair payment system for masternodes

Overview of the new Decentralized Fair Payment System (dFPS) Masternodes are typically a node that can be ran on certain cryptocurrency networks. They take a certain collateral amount to provide a dynamic or static reward from the consensus method of that cryptocurrency. Popular masternode coins such as Dash (DASH) and Pivx (PIVX) have centralized and non-random rewards systems. This system usually involves a pair of keys controlled by a centralized party or party(s) …
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Crypto vs VISA – Can Denarius Compete When it Comes to Transactions Per Second?

Bitcoin and blockchain technology may give us some insight into the future of payment processing but it sure has a long way to go. VISA handles on average around 2,000 transactions per second (tps) and peaks around 4,000 tps during high shopping periods. This is just a fraction of their capacity, which is said to be around 56,000 transactions per second. Paypal, in contrast, handled around 10 millions transactions per …
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