Tag: Demonetization

The Venezuelan Government Recalls the Highest Denomination Bill in Circulation

In a shocking announcement, President Nicolás Maduro has ordered that the highest bill in circulation, the 100 Bolivar note ($0.025), be taken off the streets in less than 72 hours. The President argued that the banknotes are being smuggled out of the country by local mafias and powerful economic “enemies”. Venezuela’s president has been denouncing the “mafias”, which –according to him and his staff–have been extracting currency bills outside the …
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Bitcoin is The Prime Candidate To Fill India’s Digital Payment Power Vacuum

It is evident that the financial situation in India is getting out of hand rather quickly. Financial inclusions should be the top priority for the local government, yet all they’ve done so far is drive people away. With a huge lack of payment card adoption, and an economy struggling with cash liquidity, bridging the gap becomes all the more difficult. India Needs A Digital Solution, But Who Will Provide It? …
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