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The DAO Undergoes Low Voting Turnout

The great experiment called The DAO (the first decentralized internet company) began receiving its first proposals, and two weeks later, not a single one has met the quorum. Exactly two weeks ago The DAO started to receive its first proposals. At the beginning, the proposals submitted can be considered SPAM, an example of this is the proposal 2, which asks The Dao Token Holders (DTH) if they believe in god, …
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Australian Political Party Aims to Reinvent Democracy with Blockchain Tech

A new Australian political party called Flux, is attempting to reinvent the democratic process with a voting system based on blockchain technology. “Flux, as a party, is a layer for the redistribution of political power.“ The men behind Flux, Max Kaye and Nathan Spataro, view the current voting system in Australia as an antiquated monster that does not serve the needs of the general public. In an interview with Reuters, …
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