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Is Antpool Still Delaying Full Bitcoin Network Blocks?

There seems to be some confusion regarding some of the largest Bitcoin mining pools in operation today. F2Pool, Antpool, and BTCC Pool are sometimes referred to as “one mining pool” However, this is not the case, even though they may operate on the same mindset. What is rather worrying, though, is how none of these pools are verifying block headers right now. Clearing Up Some Mining Pool Misconceptions After a …
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BTC-E Withdrawal Delays Hurt Bitcoin’s Public Image

There are many Bitcoin exchanges to choose from these days, yet some of them are far more strict when it comes to withdrawing funds compared to others. Even Bitcoin withdrawals can be a pain in the rear, especially for new BTC-E customers who have to wait three full days before their first withdrawal is executed. Such a scenario is not acceptable, especially not when a digital currency is involved designed …
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