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What Is BitBay?

BitBay is one of those projects which may transform the way we think about free markets. With decentralized marketplaces becoming more popular, it is only normal there will be some steep competition in this area. BitBay is similar to OpenBazaar in some ways, although there are some interesting aspects to it which make it stand out. What is BitBay Exactly? BitBay is a project dedicated to redefining global trade as …
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BitBay User Sells 5 Acres of Land Using Smart Contracts

Smart contracts have become incredibly popular over the past year or two. While most people associate these with Ethereum, other platforms and currencies utilize similar technology. One individual recently used BitBay’s trustless smart contracts to sell a few acres of land. It was a very risky venture, but things turned out just fine. Smart Contracts Remain a Risky Endeavor Any project or currency claiming to have “trustless” smart contracts will be scrutinized sooner or later. Most of …
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What Is CanYa?

The number of intriguing marketplace service providers continues to grow at a steady rate. Especially when said marketplaces focus on blockchain and decentralization, things are bound to get interesting sooner or later. A project in development known as CanYa will try to provide a compelling cryptocurrency-based autonomous marketplace for services. Whether or not it can compete with existing marketplace solutions remains to be seen, though. An Overview of the CanYa Project It is evident there is a …
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