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What Is Gnius?

In the world of cryptocurrency, there can never be enough wallets. Every single one of those offerings brings something unique to the table. In the case of Darico, the company’s Gnius wallet seems to check a lot of the right boxes. Although it’s still in alpha testing, the solution offers a fair bit of functionality and support to users. An Overview of Gnius Although the name would not necessarily suggest it, Gnius is a cryptocurrency …
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Darico Commits To Integration With The Bancor Network

In a important move that will help Darico maintain the liquidity of Darico Ecosystem Coins, the gateway to cryptocurrency investment has committed to integrating with the Bancor Network. Bancor is a decentralized liquidity network that uses Smart TokensTM to automatically buy and sell connected cryptocurrencies, therefore providing them with continuous liquidity. As a connected token, Darico Ecosystem Coins will benefit enormously from the liquidity provided by Bancor, helping to reduce …
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