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Existing Customers: The Secret to Success

Your most loyal customers are the ones you already have. Let’s explore how failed payments affect revenue and look at ways that companies can improve and increase customer retention. In the United States, customer churn costs $136 billion, of which 34% is due to involuntary churn and failed payments. Failed payments cut into forecasted revenue with 48% of businesses saying chargeback rates cut into their earnings and 43% saying that …
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A Look at the Email Economy

According to many news outlets, including Forbes, The Telegraph, and The Wall Street Journal, email’s use has gone down drastically. But the data tells a different story; it is estimated that by 2022, 126.7 trillion emails will be sent. In 2017, 90% of all Americans of all ages, from 15 all the way to 65 and up, checked their emails regularly. Even Gen Z checks their email – and quite …
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