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CryptoMix Ransomware Developers Struggle to Keep Their Creation Relevant

There are new types of ransomware popping up on a weekly basis. The vast majority of new ransomware types are based on existing source code. The CryptoMix code is especially popular among developers, though that may change in the near future. It appears the developers using this code are slowly running out of ideas, as no new features have come to fruition and the names have been getting eerily similar. EMPTY CryptoMix is …
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Azer CryptoMix Ransomware Variant Operates Offline

There are many different types of cryptocurrency ransomware in circulation. Most of the existing strains often see variants of their own codebase surface. CryptoMix ransomware has been popular over the past year or so, and security researchers came across an new variant called Azer. This particular malware has some intriguing characteristics which are worth discussing. Azer is an Interesting Breed of Malware We have seen many different malware and ransomware. …
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