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5 Crucial Aspects of India’s Proposal to Ban Cryptocurrencies

Regulatory measures affecting blockchain and cryptocurrency projects often create a panic reaction among community members. In most cases, any regulatory measure will ultimately lead to either restricting or banning a specific type of activity. In India, a new proposal has been submitted to effectively prohibit cryptocurrency trading and use, although it has yet to be approved in the coming months. Below are a few key takeaways. This is Still a …
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Iran’s Decision to Ban Banks from Dealing with Cryptocurrency Is Unwise

Iran, which was heavily affected by the sanctions imposed by the US on the country and its businesses in January, has banned the only alternative payment method that local businesses and individuals could use to bring money in and out of the nation. Why Did Iran Ban Cryptocurrency? On April 23, the central bank of Iran effectively banned local banks and financial institutions from dealing with cryptocurrency businesses. “Banks and credit institutions …
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