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Ecuador’s Cryptocurrency ATM Industry Won’t Grow Anytime Soon

Ecuador is a very interesting country when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Although the national government does not favor this innovative form of money, local entrepreneurs are ignoring its warnings whenever possible. In fact, there are now cryptocurrency ATMs in Ecuador, which is a pretty big development for the industry as a whole. Bitcoin Continues to Thrive in Ecuador No one will deny that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have made their mark on the financial sector. …
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Over 200 Two-Way Cryptocurrency ATMs Are Coming to Argentina

Two-way Bitcoin ATMs are a lot less common than many people think. The purpose of such machines is to not only let people buy Bitcoin with cash, but also accept Bitcoin payments and return cash to customers. About 200 of these two-way machines will be making their way to Argentina next month. This is a major development for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. More Bitcoin Functionality in Argentina Bitcoin …
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