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The IRS Confirms a new Wave of Cryptocurrency Audits is Coming

Tax agencies around the globe continue to crack down on cryptocurrency users. A new joint report by the IRS and other agencies confirm there are new tools being deployed to identify tax evaders, cybercriminals, and other culprits.  For some time now, the Joint Chiefs of Global Tax Enforcement have been working together.  The IRS Targets Crypto Traders Again This unit consists of the IRS, as well as officials from the …
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Dash Surpasses US$13 Mark And Becomes More Valuable Than Ethereum

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have been keeping an eye on the Dash price as of late will have noticed there has been a very strong uptrend Right now, one Dash is worth US$13.54, which is quite a difference from slightly below US$10 just a few days ago. But is this trend sustainable, and if so, where is the trading volume coming from all of a sudden? Dash Is Tearing Up The …
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Authorities Hint At Potential Bitcoin Taxation In Russia

Bitcoin in Russia will never be a favorite combination by the look of things. Even though the government and central bank want to explore blockchain technology, using cryptocurrency is a different matter altogether. For now, it seems like the Russian tax authorities want to have all Bitcoin operations reported. This is not set in stone just yet, though. Bitcoin Taxation in Russia? Things are very confusing for Bitcoin users in …
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