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The Altcoin Season Index is a Thing

There are always people who want to see the next altcoin seasons kick off. In reality, the chances of that happening like in 2017 are slim to none.  If the Altcoin Season Index is to be believed, it is still quite a long ways away.  No Altcoin Season in Sight This new tool seemingly tracks the performance of Bitcoin compared to the alternative markets. More specifically, it keeps track of …
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Bitcoin Price Dips Below $10,000 as Next Bearish Wave Materializes

It has become painfully evident this weekend will not be a good one for the cryptocurrency markets. If the retracing Bitcoin price is any indication, the next 48 hours may very well turn into a major bloodbath. With the Bitcoin price firmly below $10,000 once again, the market volatility only intensified as more time progresses. Another Bitcoin Price dip Materializes It is not entirely surprising to see the Bitcoin price …
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Bitcoin Price Maintains $4,000 Value as Expected Dip Takes Place

Bitcoin traders find themselves at somewhat of a crossroads right now. The Bitcoin price has seen spectacular growth over the past few weeks and is now experiencing a minor retrace. That in itself is not surprising by any means, yet it was still a bit unexpected for many. Moreover, it appears the markets are somewhat volatile right now, as dips are bought up quickly, while small price increases are pushed back down accordingly. Bitcoin Price Battles …
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