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The Venezuelan Bolivar Tanks 24% of its Value in One Day

Dictatorship, devaluation, hyperinflation, drama. Those are just a few words to label what’s going on in Venezuela. The country, formerly described as a “socialist paradise” by the leftists in the region, is now facing the consequences of eighteen years of fiscal irresponsibility and production decay.  The government has seized key industries. But what prompted this disaster? Many people talk about the decay of oil prices, which comprises 98% of Venezuela’s …
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Bitcoin Trend Continues Upward As Stock Markets Tumble

The Brexit will continue to dominate media headlines for the coming days. This also gives us exciting options to draw parallels between Bitcoin and traditional finance. Whereas the global stock markets lost US$2tn due to the Brexit, Bitcoin has stood firm and not buckled despite some minor blows to the gut. Gold and government bonds have soared, but real investors will look to diversify even more. Stock Markets And Fiat …
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Looming Italian Bank Run Makes Bitcoin More Viable

Trouble is brewing in the financial ecosystem in every part of the world, and chinks in the armor are becoming more apparent every day. One of the countries often overlooked during the turmoil in Asia and the crashing oil prices is Italy, even though this country’s banking crisis is spelling disaster for the entire Eurasian region. Bitcoin users might want to rethink their strategy of converting to fiat currency unless …
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