Tag: Crime Solving

New Technology Analyzes Fingerprints to Determine Alcohol and Substance Use

Human fingerprints have proven to be a substantial and reliable source of information. While most people assume these can only be used to identify individuals, the use cases of fingerprints go a lot farther. New research shows how fingerprints can be used to determine one’s sex, alcohol consumption, food ingestion, and drug use. This is a revolutionary development, especially considering it works with prints that are decades old. Your Fingerprints are a …
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Top 4 Reasons Why 3D Printing Can Help Solve Crimes

The world of 3D printing fills quite a few people with excitement. Although there is a lot of focus on using this technology from a consumer point of view, there are plenty of other use cases as well. As it turns out, 3D printing is making quite a lot of headway in the crime scene investigation world. Various crimes have been solved using 3D printers, which is quite interesting to …
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