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New Mexico College to Issue Digital Diplomas via Blockchain

Last month, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced¬†its intention¬†to issue diplomas to over 100 graduates through the use of blockchain technology. Now, it seems yet another university has decided to do the same thing. Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) recently announced its plan to offer students blockchain-based credentials after finishing their studies. Secure and verifiable credentials for students According to CNM, the digital credentials system will begin on …
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Hackers Now use IoT Devices As Proxies For Remote Credential Testing

The Internet of Things holds great merit and future potential for creating a smarter and more automated ecosystem. Unfortunately, these Internet-connected devices have one fatal weakness: security. Hackers can easily hijack thousands of DVRs, CCTV cameras, and networking devices to test stolen login information from various sources. This makes it nearly impossible to find the people responsible for the theft and these hacking attempts. Using IoT Devices To Check Stolen …
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