Reserve Bank of India Faces Lawsuit Over Attempt to Ban Cryptocurrency Trading

When regulators attempt to clamp down on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency activity, the public will respond in one way or another.…

4 years ago

Beijing Court Rules in Favor of Huobi

It has been a while since we last heard from Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges. Ever since the CNY trading ban, very little…

4 years ago

Finnish Police Prepare to Take OneCoin to Court

OneCoin is slowly catching the attention of more law enforcement agencies worldwide. After initial investigations in India, Italy, and the United…

4 years ago

Sentencing of Josh Garza Potentially Delayed Until January 2018

Josh Garza is one of the more hated people in all of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. His numerous scams have included PayCoin,…

4 years ago

Body Cam Footage Forces Maryland Courts to Throw Out 34 Drug-Related Cases

Not too long ago, we touched upon the concept of using artificial intelligence for police body cameras. Although that idea…

4 years ago

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