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Amazon Files a Patent to Analyze Consumers’ Emotions

There are always numerous developments in the technology sector to keep an eye on. Now that voice-powered personal assistants have become the new normal, some companies are already looking to the future. Amazon is currently in the process of building a device which will allegedly read human emotions. It also comes with its own mobile application, to make the technology more accessible. Amazon Cares About Your Emotions Even though a …
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CoinOffering Uses Smart Contracts To Issue Company Shares As Ethereum Tokens

Many exciting things are taking place in the blockchain ecosystem right now. CoinOffering is the first company that will issue its shares as Ethereum tokens. This Marshall Islands-registered company is not confined to the online space either, as they operate in the legal field as well. Additionally, other companies can use their service to use Ethereum smart contracts for various corporate functions. CoinOffering Is Keen on Ethereum Smart Contracts Although …
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