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Major Finance Trial on R3’s Corda is Completed Successfully

Companies such as R3 are leveraging blockchain technology in the finance industry. Its latest trial seemingly resulted in completing the largest open-account finance trial on the Corda platform.  It has been a while since R3’s Corda platform generated any real headlines.  R3 and Corda Complete a Major Trial Despite that aspect, a lot of development has gone on behind the scenes. The company has also been working on a new …
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Major Banks Take First Steps Towards Creating Industry Standards For Blockchain Technology

In a rather surprising turn of events, the blockchain solution being developed by central banks will be made open source. This news came as a major surprise to cryptocurrency and distributed ledger enthusiasts. Corda, the big project under development by the R3 consortium, will be accessible to anyone in the world. Whether or not this will automatically turn it into a new financial infrastructure standard, remains to be seen. Open …
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R3 Blockchain Consortium Welcome BM&FBovespa As Its Latest Member

The R3 blockchain consortium has been adding a lot of new members as of late. The demand for their distributed ledger research services continues to grow on a global scale. BM&FBovespa is the first exchange members to join this initiative. A significant move for Brazil, as they seem to go all-in on the blockchain as well. A Significant Partner For R3 The addition of BM&FBovespa to the R3 blockchain consortium …
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