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Struggling Artists, Take Heart: Blockchain Can Help You Too

There’s something romantic about the notion of the struggling artist. Sketching portraits in the cobbled streets of an aging city, scribbling novels by candlelight in a dimly-lit apartment, eating noodles from a cup… Who doesn’t love a struggling artist? Struggling artists, for one. Let’s be honest. Writers, actors, dancers, singers, filmmakers, creative types in general… most of them put in hours of endless slog for very little reward. Once the …
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What is Unpaywall?

A lot of internet users often find themselves in an awkward position while browsing online content. Many sites hide their content behind a paywall, forcing visitors to make a small payment. Unpaywall is a new project that solves a lot of problems, as this web browser extension provides users with free full-text versions of research articles. Unpaywall is An Intriguing Browser Extension It is becoming increasingly difficult to monetize written …
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