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AI and the Future of Consumer Goods

Use of AI in department stores, apparel, footwear, food, grocery, and home improvement has increased by 600% in just 2 years. This AI is used mostly for the operations side of businesses, but the 26% that is used for customers can solve all kinds of issues that are facing customers, such as improving customer satisfaction, reducing complaints, and lowering customer churn. And by 2021, it is expected that customer service …
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What Is Fintech?

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are concepts difficult to grasp by the everyday consumer and merchant, just because they do not see the value or need for these types of services. It is important to remember Bitcoin is as much a part of the Fintech revolution just like any other disruptive form of transferring value. But what is this Fintech movement anyway, and why should we care about it? Also …
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