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Is There No End to Blockchain’s Capabilities?

We hear about new uses for blockchains every single day. The technology is so darn versatile that it won’t be long before it’s making your morning coffee and looking after your kids. Or maybe that’s AI. Whatever. The point is that considering the possibilities of blockchain technology is like contemplating the enormity of the universe. Each time you think you’ve defined its limits, it expands once again. Admittedly, the majority …
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Disney Lands in Hot Water Over Child Data Collection

Everyone who has used apps from either Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store should know that developers and producers are legally required to obtain consent from users. This is why whenever you download a new app there is a pop-up box outlining the things to which the app is requesting access — including your personal data — and a tickbox to confirm that you understand the Terms of Service associated with the app. …
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Top 4 Recent Technology-related Consumer Data Collection Scandals

Electronics manufacturers and online service providers have a habit of collecting consumer data without wanting their users about this exposure. In fact, quite a few companies have been found guilty of this malicious behavior over the past few months, which does not bode well at all. No company should (inadvertently) collect user data and not be upfront about it, that much is certain. 4. We-Vibe The world received quite a …
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