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Ethereum Price Goes on a Tear Ahead of Constantinople Fork

There is a lot of intriguing crypto market momentum taking place right now. While nearly all top markets are in the green again, few of them are as bullish as Ethereum. Right now, it seems the Ethereum price could hit $160 without too many problems. With the upcoming Constantinople fork in sight, the coming days will undoubtedly get interesting. Ethereum Price Shoots up Like a Rocket For a lot of …
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Ethereum’s Constantinople Fork Won’t Occur For Another few Weeks

This week has not been overly positive for Ethereum enthusiasts. It would appear the promised Constantinople hard fork will be postponed until late February or even early March. Initially, it was planned to go into effect this month. Fixing some lingering flaws and bugs is the smart approach, but it will also leave investors somewhat concerned. When it Constantinople Coming to Ethereum? Advancing any cryptocurrency or blockchain project to the …
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Ethereum’s Metropolis Update Will Occur Through Two Separate Hard Forks

Ethereum’s developers have provided the world with a little bit more information regarding the upcoming Metropolis hard fork. As noted earlier, this hard fork will go into effect at the end of September of this year and introduce a lot of changes to the ecosystem. As it turns out, there will be two separate hard forks making up the Metropolis changes. The two forks will be known as Byzantium and Constantinople respectively. …
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