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Bitcointalk emails and passwords compromised due to a Social Engineering attack

As the title suggests the #1 bitcoin forum bitcointalk.org  is currently down. A tweet from the official bitcointalk twitter  explains why the forum is down: Server compromised due to social engineering against ISP NFOrce. There will be extended downtime for forensic analysis and reinstall. — BitcoinTalk (@bitcointalk) May 22, 2015 UPDATE: According to a message on reddit from theymos it looks like the attacker only had access for 12 minutes and …
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Bitstamp operational wallets compromised

update: The current speculation is that the attackers actually stole 18,000 bitcoins and simply used the high fee in order to make sure that their transactions got confirmed quickly. As you already know, the top US exchange Bitstamp have suspended their services as of January 5th 2015. The cause appears to be compromised operation wallets which, according to bitstamp, have been compromised on January 4th. As of now, we are not …
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Hacked Ebay database for sale for 1.45 bitcoin

What happened?   Recently Ebay’s database has been compromised by a group of cyberhackers. This records as the second largest database breach in history with over 140 million users compromised. We weak link in this cyberattack were the employees. The attackers were able to get access to Ebay employee credentials and were able to access the corporate network, which granted them access to the database. Ebay and Paypal urged customers …
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