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Waves Founder Clarifies Removal from UK Companies House Register

There has been a fair amount of confusion regarding the future of Waves as a company. With the company’s listing in the UK register on the verge of being scrapped, people were worried the project was about to disappear. Thankfully, that will not be the case, as Waves Platform AG is still a registered entity in Switzerland. The Future of Waves Looks Fine Earlier this week, there was some confusion …
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Company Adds Blockchain to Its Name, Share Price Skyrockets

The blockchain technology trend is currently exploding, with hundreds of companies actively researching and offering the tech to the public.¬†Given blockchain’s virtually limitless potential, it now seems that simply using the word can lead to success. Bloomberg recently reported that a UK-based company focusing on information business and internet tech investing has had one of its best days so far after announcing that it would change its name from On-line …
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Bitcoin Startup Bridge21 Joins 2016 Techstars Boulder Class

Various platforms are available all over the world to conveniently buy and sell bitcoins. However, most of these platforms are responsible for holding onto customer funds, either in fiat currency or Bitcoin. Bridge21 wants to offer something completely different in this regard, as they put the end user in full control of their digital currency. By offering a service that is compatible with existing wallets., an interesting ecosystem is created. …
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