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Top 5 Mistakes Made by Business Blockchain Projects

Since blockchain technology became a trend in the tech industry, more and more companies have begun researching, testing and implementing blockchain-based technologies across a variety of projects. However, due to the state of the market, many of these projects will fail to see public use, mostly due to mistakes made by developers. In this article, we will cover five of the main mistakes┬áseen in business and enterprise-based blockchain projects. Following …
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Bitcoin Companies Need To Actively Contribute To The Protocol

Opinions on Bitcoin are always creating a lot of interesting discussions. One of the most recent discussions revolved around whether or not multi-million dollar Bitcoin companies should invest in the development of the protocol. A lot of people will agree with that statement, yet very few of them seem to be doing so. Bitcoin Companies Need To Step It Up Several Bitcoin companies are actively investing in the ecosystem already. …
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