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Allianz Chief Economic Advisor Makes Statement on Bitcoin

Given the recent price surge, digital currencies have begun attracting a lot of attention from governments and financial institutions. Recently, Allianz Chief Economic Advisor Mohamed El-Erian made his own statement on Bitcoin. Bitcoin seen as a commodity According to El-Erian, while Bitcoin may have attracted a lot of interest from investors and the general public, it still lacks the stability required by a currency. In his statement, he noted: A currency serves as …
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First Global Credit Brings Commodity Futures Trading to Digital Currency Holders

First Global credit provides new answers to the question, what can I do with my bitcoins? March 9, 2016   Geneva / London / Hong Kong:  First Global Credit, the first company to make it possible to use bitcoins as margin to trade stocks is now adding Commodity Futures to the growing list of what can be traded on the website. “Commodity Futures is the next logical step in providing digital …
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