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What Is CommerceBlock Cryptocurrency?

It isĀ estimated that a staggering $350 trillion in global assets are held and traded daily via the use of conventional fiat banking systems. These systems, while highly prevalent, are ridden with innate issues of poor liquidity, low transparency, and little accountability. This is because banks and other financial institutions are governed by central operators and thus are confined in terms of overall operability. CommerceBlock is an all-new blockchain-based platform that …
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CommerceBlock Turns Real Estate Buying and Selling Into a Global Tokenized Market

Global real estate market transactions will surpass $1 tln by 2020, private investors will make about one-third of those sales. The time and cost savings of doing deals directly between buyer and seller will make the Blockchain the main transaction platform of the future. Real estate closings are a notoriously long process, involving appraisers, real estate agents, lawyers, bankers and insurers. Unsurprisingly, many real estate deals end up in disputes. …
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