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Ocean Colonisation Project Marinea Sees Bitcoin As The Future

The Marinea initiative is an intriguing concept. The people running this project see the future of humanity on the sea, rather than on land. Organising a community at sea will be a difficult challenge, though, as an infrastructure for commerce needs to be created. Interestingly enough, they see Bitcoin as the answer to those problems, as everything else has many drawbacks. Using Bitcoin To Colonise The Oceans It has to be …
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Colony Will Have Its Own Non-Profit Foundation

In an extensive blog post, Jack du Rose, Founder of Colony, announced the creation of the non-profit Colony Foundation, which will develop the open source Colony smart contract network on Ethereum. Colony is a startup using Ethereum’s Blockchain to make it easy for people all over the world to build companies online, the concept centers around the idea of a True DAO, Jack du Rose explains: If “The DAO” is a decentralised …
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London Startup Colony Wins Grand Prize at Consensus 2016 Competition Event

Colony, a London-based startup aiming to leverage P2P and blockchain technologies to create a decentralized marketplace for freelancers, was awarded $10,000 in prize money during today’s Proof of Work startup competition, which was held at the Consensus 2016 fintech conference. Colony co-founder Collin Vine, who previously co-founded San Francisco-based virtual assistant service provider Zirtual, presented the concept behind his company to a panel of judges made up of several prominent …
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