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The Economics of College: Your Career Before You Start

Graduating from college and going to your dream career can take a lot of time, jobs, and money.  In more recent years though, that process is becoming easier – in 2019, graduating seniors received an average of 1.1 job offers – a 12 year high, and since 2012, wages for young college graduates have grown at a steady pace. But even with more jobs available for graduates, they have had …
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Can You Be Successful Without a College Degree?

Almost half of Gen Zers believe financial independence is the first marker of adulthood, but getting there is easier said than done. Having grown up before our very eyes, Gen Zers are already entering and even graduating college, bringing with them goals, determination, and no fear of questioning even the most enduring educational standard – college itself. Since the G.I. Bill was signed into law in 1944, total college enrollment …
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