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CoinEx Is the First Exchange to Implement Bitcoin Cash as a Base Currency

In the world of cryptocurrency, trading platforms are in high demand these days. Most exchanges seem to focus on very similar trading markets, even though there seems to be a high demand for anything related to Bitcoin Cash right now. It seems there is at least one exchange which offers pure BCH trading markets, which gives traders a few more options. CoinEx is certainly an interesting platform in this regard. …
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CoinEx Will Relaunch With Bitcoin Cash as the Default Trading Market

When it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges, it is often difficult to find the right trading markets. More specifically, most companies use Bitcoin as their primary trading markets. Some exchanges also feature Litecoin or Ethereum markets, but those are harder to come by. ViaBTC runs an exchange service known as CoinEx, which plans to make Bitcoin Cash its primary trading market. Bitcoin Cash Continues to Make an Impact While it still seems unlikely that Bitcoin …
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