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Coin.mx Team Member Jailed for Running Illegal Bitcoin Exchange

There is a new development in the ongoing Coin.mx court case. As most people are well aware, this particular cryptocurrency exchange operated without an official license, which prompted the US government to scrutinize all of its operators. Yuri Lebedev has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for his part in this Bitcoin exchange. It’s an interesting plot twist, to say the very least. Coin.mx Employee Faces Extended Jail Time The story of Coin.mx has been …
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Former Bitcoin Exchange Operator Pleads Guilty to Bank Fraud

Former Bitcoin exchange operator Anthony Murgio has been involved in a criminal investigation for quite some time now. Earlier this week, Murgio pleaded guilty to charges of conspiring to operate an illegal Bitcoin exchange. This cryptocurrency platform in question is linked to an Israeli citizen involved in large-scale corporate hacking. Murgio will not appeal the prison sentence handed down as a result of his involvement in running this cryptocurrency exchange. A …
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Judge Rules Bitcoin is Money in Coin.mx cases

A U.S. District Court judge ruled Monday that: “Wealth exchanged on the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network constitutes “funds” for the purpose of federal criminal law.” What this means for Anthony Murgio is that he can be tried on charges that he was in violation of federal law by operating his unlicensed monetary transit business. In a wider scope, it could mean a normal financial regulation for bitcoin, which would result in …
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