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Lab-Grown Food Now Encompasses Meat, Poultry, Fish, and Dairy

In the world of science, there is a growing focus on creating a new type of food. Rather than growing animals for slaughter, it involves growing chicken, meat, and even fish inside a laboratory. While some people would expect this food to taste bland or even horrible, it seems the reality is very different. With meat, fish, eggs, and even dairy now coming out of a lab, an interesting future awaits. Growing …
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Israeli Startup Will Create “Clean Meat” Inside a Lab

When science and technology come together, both exciting and frightening things are bound to happen. A startup known as SuperMeat raises a lot of questions in this regard. It aims to develop lab-made chicken meat which will be labeled as “clean meat”. It’s an interesting concept that warrants further investigation. The Era of Lab-grown Clean Chicken Meat It is fairly obvious most consumers don’t want to think twice about what …
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