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Price of Paragon has Multiplied Over 5 Times Since SEC Cease-and-Desist

Through 2018, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) became increasingly active in their regulation of the cryptocurrency space, particularly in regards to recent ICOs. This activity partially came in the form of Cease-and-Desists (C&D) delivered to a number of projects. Of these included Paragon. On November 16th, 2018, Paragon (PRG) received a C&D for their 2017 ICO which raised US$12 million in the sale of, in the eyes …
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Cryptsy served us a Cease and Desist when we tried warning users of problems

Back in October, 2015 when the public was still unaware of Cryptsy’s underlying problems we wrote an article warning users of depositing funds to Cryptsy because they might face potential problems withdrawing those funds. Due to numerous posts¬†on Bitcointalk we decided to bring user’s complaints to light and shed light on potential problems that Cryptsy was facing. We titled the article Do Not Deposit to Cryptsy – gone gull MtGox. …
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