CBDCs & StableCoins: Eliminating Volatiliy in a Centralized or Decentralized Crypto World

Central banks around the world are looking to explore the concept of virtual currency, Often referred to as central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, this form of money poses its own set of challenges to overcome.  As society gravitates toward more modern technologies, products, and services, the financial industry will need to follow suit. For years, that industry has seen stagnation in terms of technological upgrades, but that situation is …
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Deutsche Bank Analyst Expects Central Bank Digital Currencies to Appear in 3 Years

The discussions pertaining to centara bank digital currencies, or CBDCs, are far from over it seems. Deutsche Bank analyst Marion Laboure has very high hopes for this field of research. Numerous banks would love to create a digitized version of their fiat currency. Central Bank Digital Currencies in 3 Years?  Doing so is not difficult, but creating a viable ecosystem is something else entirely. Deutsche Bank analyst Marion Laboure expects …
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South Korea’s Central Bank Wants to Digitize the Won

South Korea is a very prominent country when it comes to cryptocurrencies and finance. It now appears that a digital Won is being explored, with a pilot program running until late 2021. There are multiple countries aiming to digitize their fiat currency in the coming years. Digitizing the South Korean Won Slowly but surely, all financial transactions are shifting to the digital space. Exploring additional options in that regard is …
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