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Short Squeeze Catapults Price of Bitcoin Past $7,600

Just hours after short positions on Bitcoin eclipsed longs, and as BTC shorts volume reached an all-time high, Bitcoin saw an explosion, appreciating over US$900 in under an hour, a growth of 13%. Since the pump, global cryptocurrency markets have risen over 10%, to just under US$300 billion. Speculators overwhelmingly agree that the cause for such a price movement was a textbook short squeeze. A short squeeze occurs when a …
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What Is Catapult?

Even though most people tend to overlook the NEM ecosystem, this particular cryptocurrency project is coming together nicely. With the release of Catapult, things will only get better from here on out. This full-featured blockchain engine offers a lot of benefits to developers and corporations. Catapult in a Nutshell The concept of Catapult is rather straightforward. It is a blockchain engine which supports both public and private chains through unique smart …
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Tech Bureau partners up with NEM for new blockchain engine     

During the last couple of months, the blockchain trend in Japan has grown significantly. In fact, recent reports indicate that the Japanese startup Tech Bureau, alongside with a new open source project known by the name of NEM, will continue their partnership and work on a new project. To put things better into perspective, the focus of the partnership is to develop a blockchain engine, codenamed as Catapult, which is …
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