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The Economics of College: Your Career Before You Start

Graduating from college and going to your dream career can take a lot of time, jobs, and money.  In more recent years though, that process is becoming easier – in 2019, graduating seniors received an average of 1.1 job offers – a 12 year high, and since 2012, wages for young college graduates have grown at a steady pace. But even with more jobs available for graduates, they have had …
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How to Become Successful in Your Career

Success for us as working people is one of the most rewarding and best things that happens in a worker’s life. But recent generations are redefining what it means to be successful, what identifies people, and even what it means to be an adult. Gen Z is starting to define themselves by their achievements in school and their work, as compared to most adults who say it is their family …
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Taxes: How to Pick a Recession Proof Career

Many experts predict that the U.S. might face another recession as early as next year and by 2021, others foresee another recession and give it a 24% to 83% of happening. In May 2019, the U.S. saw just 27,000 created – affecting manufacturing and small businesses the most heavily, but some industries, healthcare, education, and financial activities saw job growth instead of reduction. Over the next three years, unemployment rates …
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