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AMD Will Release Dedicated GPUs to Accelerate Machine Learning Applications

AMD will offer dedicated solutions to tackle the artificial intelligence, machine learning niches. AMD Radeon Instinct is the name of the new family of GPUs aimed at the high-performance computing market.  We all love video games, products of the ever-rising entertainment industry that allow us to enjoy our free time without having to leave our homes. Computer games demand intensive computing power, and that’s why GPUs exist. But this time AMD, one …
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Cryptobuyer Partners With VISA to Give a Free Bitcoin Debit Card for Venezuelans

Cryptobuyer to release a bitcoin debit card in Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela – September 13, 2016 – Immersed in a severe economic and humanitarian crisis, Venezuela has become one of those cases where creativity and new ventures arise, fueled by the necessity to solve problems and bring solutions to users; such is the case of Cryptobuyer a startup based in Venezuela’s capital Caracas and launched in 2016. Defining itself as an ‘enabler’ …
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Decentral Announces Bitcoin Cards in Canada

Canada’s most prominent digital currency innovation hub Decentral, has announced the launch of their new Bitcoin Card, which will allow Canadians across the country to purchase the digital currency at local retail outlets. Decentral’s Bitcoin Card will be available in a denominations of $20, $50 and $100. Following the purchase, consumers can exchange the card codes for actual bitcoin on the official Decentral card redeeming portal. Anthony Di Iorio, Founder …
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