Decentral Announces Bitcoin Cards in Canada

Canada’s most prominent digital currency innovation hub Decentral, has announced the launch of their new Bitcoin Card, which will allow Canadians across the country to purchase the digital currency at local retail outlets.

Decentral’s Bitcoin Card will be available in a denominations of $20, $50 and $100. Following the purchase, consumers can exchange the card codes for actual bitcoin on the official Decentral card redeeming portal.

Anthony Di Iorio, Founder and CEO of Decentral, said that the new Bitcoin Cards were designed to simplify the cumbersome process of obtaining digital currency for ordinary individuals and merchants.

Decentral has one ATM that dispenses bitcoin on their premises in Toronto, but that machine requires users to have a smartphone with a bitcoin wallet installed on it, which is why Decentral opted to go with a simple card scheme that can be distributed across the country.

“Our new system can be scaled quickly to new locations without the existing roadblocks and complicated logistics common to Bitcoin ATMs.”

Per the press release, the cards are currently only available to consumers in the province of Ontario, and other selected provinces will be announced at a later date.

“Decentral Bitcoin Cards are launching in selected provinces later this month, and will be available nationwide before the summer.“

Decentral also has plans to offer cards for alternative blockchains such as Ethereum, as well as other qualified digital currencies.


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