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Coase is Building a Digital Collectible Card Game on the Tezos Blockchain

Digital collectibles on the blockchain are popular these days. Companies are exploring new opportunities in this regard. Coase, the latest entrant in this space, will bring a digital collectible card game to life on the Tezos blockchain.  Several hundred blockchain ecosystems exist today. All of them jockey for traction and mainstream adoption. For gaming companies, all of these ecosystems provide new business opportunities to explore. A new use for Tezos …
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Top 5 Video Game Cryptocurrency Projects

Video gaming is a US$100 billion industry and likely to be one of the first major industries to see significant integration of blockchain technologies. As such, there are dozens of coins and teams working every day as they strive to contribute to this adoption. Here are five of the most promising or significant projects focused on video games. 5. CryptoKitties The latest craze in the cryptocurrency community is Ethereum gaming, a smart …
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