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Monero Community Is Funding Three Independent Audits of the Bulletproofs Implementation

Cryptocurrencies regularly undergo major changes as far as their code bases are concerned. For the Monero team, there is a big focus on implementing Bulletproofs into the existing code. With a strong focus on lower transaction fees, a higher throughput, and general quality improvements, Bulletproofs require proper audits, which in turn require funding. The Monero Bulletproofs Audits Given the major implications that Bulletproofs technology will have for the Monero ecosystem, a thorough vetting of this technology …
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5 Exciting Monero Developments to Look Forward to in 2018

A lot of top cryptocurrencies will roll out some major features in the coming weeks and months. In the case of Monero, a lot of exciting developments are on the horizon for 2018. Although there is no official timeline for some of these developments, certain features and integrations have been in development for several months. Below are some of the things to look forward to relating to Monero in 2018. 5. …
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Bulletproofs Will Reduce Monero Transaction Fees by 80%

Earlier this week, we discussed how Monero Research Labs is looking to reduce the network’s transaction size. With a potential transaction size reduction of up to 80%, things are looking rather exciting for this popular altcoin. However, it seems there is a lot more to the implementation of Bulletproofs than was originally assumed. They may serve to reduce Monero’s network fees as well. That would be quite beneficial, as network fees remain problematic …
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