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BTCWare Ransomware Master Decryption Key has Been Made Public

During these trying times of Bitcoin ransomware, it is good to know some threats are nullified in the end. BTCWare, a lesser-known type of Bitcoin ransomware, can now be decrypted free of charge. For an unknown reason, the master key has been released to the public. This allowed researchers to reverse engineer the ransomware and ensure all BTCWare victims will not have to worry about paying the ransom. BTCWare Is …
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Bitcoin Ransomware Education – BTCWare

Ransomware developers are very busy these days, as the number of new malware strains continues to increase exponentially. As one would expect, however, not all types of ransomware are new projects. BTCWare, a rather expensive crypto-ransomware variant, shares a lot of similarities with CrptXXX. That does not make this malware any less dangerous, though. BTCWare Is The New Kid on the Block It is becoming more common for cybercriminals to …
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